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Free Webinar: meet ARCHY – AI Assistant

ARCHY is a revolutionary AI-powered assistant for product management, dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the user experience by providing personalized guidance and streamlining tasks for faster and more efficient workflows. Archy integrates seamlessly into your team, providing smart support that makes your product processes more agile and time-effective. It’s designed to improve your work by automating tasks and aligning with industry best practices – perfect for Product and Innovative Teams aiming to leverage AI to boost efficiency.

Why Join the Webinar?

  • Experience Archy Live: Get an up-close look at how Archy can simplify and enhance the user experience through a live demonstration by our Software Engineer.
  • New Features Spotlight: Be the first to learn about the latest updates and how they can benefit your team.
  • Engage with Experts: Have your questions answered in real-time during our interactive Q&A session.
  • Empower Your Workflow: Understand how integrating Archy into your team can align your processes with industry best practices and significantly boost your team’s efficiency.

Archy live demonstration

Our team member, Marko Šeparović, will be presenting a live demonstration of Archy. As a software engineer deeply involved in developing Archy, Marko brings extensive expertise and insights. His presentation will explore the full range of Archy’s capabilities, emphasizing the AI-driven features that streamline and enhance product management.

Award winning app

Archy, awarded the “Best Data-Driven Insight App” by the Atlassian Customer Choice Awards, is revolutionizing the field of product management. As a partner of Microsoft for Startups, we’re at the forefront of utilizing AI to streamline project workflows, making your management tasks more agile and effective.


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