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The Future of Agile
Product Management

AI-powered assistant designed to enhance product management for product managers, product owners and agile teams.

AI powered team member

Archy is a revolutionary AI-powered assistant for product management, dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the user experience. It provides personalized guidance, streamlining tasks for faster and more efficient workflows. With dynamic tracking and seamless collaboration features, Archy ensures projects reach optimal levels of productivity. It’s not just a product management tool; it’s a transformative companion designed to make work easier, faster, and better.

Designed to boost produtivity

Archy goes beyond traditional product management tools by actively contributing to the planning and execution phases. For Product Owners and Product Managers, Archy provides AI-driven suggestions for epics, user stories and acceptance criteria, streamlining the creation of product artifacts. By analyzing historical data, industry trends and team performance, Archy offers tailored recommendations to enhance the clarity and effectiveness of product requirements. This proactive feature not only accelerates the planning process but also ensures that the resulting epics and user stories align with best practices, fostering improved product outcomes.


AI-Powered Backlog Item Creation


Effortless Epics and User Stories Generation with Archy AI Assistant: Tailored to Your Project Description and Business Requirements


Archy, a powerful product management tool, is here to assist you in creating detailed and comprehensive epics and user stories that align perfectly with your business requirements.
With Archy, you'll have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and who's responsible for completing each task.


Archy is here to assist you in adding clarity and precision to your existing backlog, epics, user stories, and tasks. With Archy, you can regenerate and create new user stories, or refine and enhance your content to ensure that it is as clear as possible.

get actionable suggestions

Archy offers suggestions that help teams create detailed epics and user stories to align with business goals. With Archy's guidance, products can be delivered confidently on time, with clear and measurable outcomes.



Archy accelerates product workflows with AI-driven insights, automating time-consuming tasks and optimizing processes, leading to increased overall productivity.

Problem detection

Archy will monitor your progress keeping in mind product goals and provide concrete actions to handle any potential issues that may come in product lifecycle.

Progress observability

Archy will oversee and manage all aspects of product development, ensuring comprehensive observability on the progress, impacts, and outcomes, providing you with insightful and comprehensive executive summaries, keeping you fully informed and up to date.

Clear and actionable help

Archy will decrease unexpected problems and time spent on fixing errors which will result in saved money and better product.

Your productivity partner

Driving QUALITY with AI assistant

Archy facilitates and puts emphasis on quality, providing you assistance to make sure that what you deliver is verified and functional.


Archy is providing assistance in creating acceptance criteria for your epics and user stories, making sure that all paths are covered. Edge cases and unforeseen behaviour will be covered making sure that what you deliver meets QA standards.

Assist on every issue

Archy is integrated in every issue, task or action in your product and will make sure that every description and content is clear and understandable to every team member.

Less issues, more value

Building quality products is Archy's goal and core value built into Archy. Helping you build quality products will reduce costs of bug fixing and make your customers happy.

Best Data-Driven Insight App

Customer Choice Award by Atlassian




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ARCHY is a revolutionary AI-powered assistant for product management, dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the user experience by providing

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