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Innovation Journey to Vegas

Our recent trip to Las Vegas for Atlassian Team24 was truly enlightening, offering us a firsthand glimpse into the cutting-edge innovations that are revolutionizing collaboration across industries. With Archy AI Assistant accompanying us, we embarked on a journey filled with exploration and discovery.

Our experience in Las Vegas at the Atlassian Team24 event was truly remarkable, and we had the pleasure of staying at the stunning Venetian Resort during our visit. This iconic hotel provided the perfect backdrop for our discussions on innovation and productivity with Archy AI Assistant.

During our attendance at the Atlassian Team24 event , we had the exciting opportunity to showcase Archy AI Assistant to numerous product teams and individuals. Our focus was on demonstrating how Archy can serve as a powerful team assistant for Jira projects and product workflows, offering substantial enhancements to productivity and collaboration.

The Team24 event was a significant gathering, bustling with industry professionals eager to explore the latest innovations in team productivity and project management.

We explored expert insights on fostering collaboration across markets, governments, public institutions, and society to create a supportive environment for AI innovation while upholding important societal values. This discussion provided practical guidance for business leaders on preparing for AI’s impact on jobs, workforce productivity and brand trust.

The event also highlighted the evolving tools, processes and skills required to fully embrace AI and transform work dynamics. It emphasized the importance of collective efforts in shaping an AI-powered future that benefits humanity responsibly.


As Archy AI Assistant has already been recognized as the best data-driven insight app by Atlassian’s Customer Choice Award, our journey to Las Vegas for the Atlassian Team24 event was particularly significant. This prestigious recognition underscores Archy’s impact on transforming how teams leverage data to drive insights and enhance productivity.

For those interested in the future of AI and its societal implications, Team24 was a valuable experience. We’re excited to apply these insights to further develop Archy’s capabilities and contribute to the responsible evolution of AI in the workplace.


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