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Archy for Enterprises

AI-Powered assistant ready for your teams

Empowering Your Enterprise with AI-Driven Project Management

Archy for Enterprises is a groundbreaking, self-hosted Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed to transform enterprise-level product management through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Tailored for the complexities and scale of large organizations, Archy offers unparalleled AI model training, robust data protection, strict data isolation, and the flexibility of a self-hosted environment.

Secure access to enterprise specific data, enables Archy to provide tailor-made actionable insights. Add to this industry specific standards, local nad regional regulations and Archy becomes indispensable assistant to any project or product development. 


AI-Driven Efficiency

Automate routine tasks and unlock strategic insights with advanced AI, freeing your teams to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives.

Tailored Training

Benefit from customized AI model training and expert-led sessions, ensuring your teams are equipped to maximize productivity and ROI.

Unmatched Data Security

With our self-hosted solution, enjoy full data sovereignty, stringent data protection, and compliance with ease.

Scalable and Reliable

Archy is built to grow with your enterprise, offering a scalable, reliable solution that integrates perfectly with your existing ecosystem.

Transform Your Enterprise with Archy


Ready to revolutionize your project management approach? Archy for Enterprises offers the tools, security, and insights needed to navigate the complexities of large-scale project management. Contact us today to learn more about how Archy can empower your enterprise.

AI Model Training: Customized for Your Enterprise

Precision Learning for Precision Management

Dive into Archy’s AI model training, crafted to align with your enterprise’s unique needs and challenges. Our AI models are trained to understand your specific project management landscape, offering insights and automations that evolve with your organization.


Expert-Led Training Sessions

Empower your teams with Archy’s expert-led training sessions. From basic navigation to advanced predictive analytics, we ensure your staff are equipped to leverage the full potential of AI in project management, enhancing efficiency and decision-making across the board.

Data Protection: Your Data, Under Your Control

Secure by Design

With Archy, data protection is paramount. Deployed within your own infrastructure, Archy ensures that your data never leaves your environment, providing complete control and unmatched security.


Regulatory Compliance Made Simple

Archy is built to comply with global data protection regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC2. Our self-hosted solution means you maintain full ownership and control over your data, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Data Isolation: Siloed for Security, Unified for Collaboration

Enhanced Privacy with Data Isolation

Archy’s data isolation capabilities ensure that sensitive information remains confidential, accessible only to authorized personnel. This fosters a secure environment for collaboration and innovation, free from the risk of data breaches.

Seamless Integration, Total Autonomy

As a self-hosted PaaS, Archy integrates seamlessly into your existing IT landscape, offering the advantages of a cloud-based service with the autonomy, security, and customization of an on-premises solution.

Scalability Meets Reliability

Designed to scale with your enterprise, Archy guarantees high performance and reliability, accommodating the dynamic needs of your organization without compromising on security or functionality.